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        Photo F4U-1 Corsair                    

In March and April 1941, Vought and the U.S. Navy concluded contract negotiations, and on June 30th the F4U-1 was ordered into production.  Due to the pending world conditions many saw it as inevitable that the parent company could not provide as many of the new fighters as the Navy and the Marines could absorb.  Therefore, during November and December, two other manufacturers were brought into the Corsair program scheme.  These were Brewster Aeronautical (designated F3A-1)  and Goodyear Aircraft (designated FG-1).                                     



Credit to US National Archives,  US NAVY, USMC, Vought, NACA, San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives (SDASM), Fleet Air Arm,  IWM (Imperial War Museums), Wikimedia Commons, National Library of New Zealand,Library of Congress,Australian War Memorial.


Credit to Ray Wagner

.Information in the photo file.

VINTAGE F4U-1 Vought Corsair                                                                                                                            

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