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Infantrymen nicknamed the Corsair "The Sweetheart of the Marianas" and "The Angel of Okinawa" for its roles in these campaigns.


Among Navy and Marine aviators, the aircraft was nicknamed "Ensign Eliminator" and "Bent-Wing Eliminator" because it required many more hours of flight training to master than other Navy carrier-borne aircraft. It was also called simply "U-bird" or "Bent Wing Bird".

Although Allied World War II sources frequently make the claim that the Japanese called the Corsair the "Whistling Death",

Japanese ground troops nicknamed the Corsair “the Whistling Death” because the plane's distinctive whistling was caused by airflow over the F4U's leading edge oil coolers.

One source indicates that they did not.

F4U Corsair, is the best fighter there is ...It's rugged...It's a workhorse...You can use it for ...everything, and it's effective ... You can shoot anything off or out that plane and it still goes ... !!" 

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