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F4U-4N  Vought Corsair (*)     

The F4U-4N Vought Corsair was developed late in World War II, this night fighter featured radar radomes projecting from the starboard wingtip.

The F4U Corsair  BuNo 97361 was converted in a night fichter as the F4U-4N.

The F4U-4N was fitted with the AIA-1 also AN/APS-6 radar type simular to the F4U-2 Corsair Variant. In addition, this aircraft was often refitted with four 20mm M3 (T31) cannons.

Some F4U-4Cs have been converted  by NAF ( Naval Aircraft Factory) into a similar Night fichter variant.

This F4U-4N  Corsair variant  was never produced.

The experience obtained in this variant was used with de development of the F4U-5.

The only F4U-4N Corsair was scrapped in March 1948.

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