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F4U-1B Goodyear Corsair   

The F4U-1B was known as the designation name for the Goodyear Corsair production line FG-1B.

B stands for British.

Remember that Goodyear produced the FG Corsair known as the  FG-1,FG-1A, FG-1E , FG-1D, FG-1K, FG-2, FG-3 and   FG-4 Corsair variants,Goodyear is also known for his Super Corsair F2-G.

The F4U-1B is a model of the Corsair that did not officially exist.

It was unofficially used at factory level to these Goodyear Corsair aircraft being adapted for service with the FAA (Fleed Air Arms).

The official designation was the Corsair Mk IV  being the Fleet Air Arm designation of FG-1D, clipped wing version, carrier based fighter, Goodyear Co



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