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                Drawings F4U Corsair                                

With over 12500 produced, the Vought F4U Corsair is one of the icons of mid-20th century military aviation.

It was as a Marine Corps aircraft that the Corsair was to become famous, fighting through World War II and Korea.

Able to outperform its contemporaries, notably the A6M Zero, the Corsair combined speed, resilience and firepower. It also served in Indochina and Algeria, and in 1969's 'Soccer War' between Honduras and El Salvador,

Corsairs were flown by both sides and fought the last propeller-aircraft dogfights in history. This highly illustrated volume recounts the design and development history of one of the most iconic fighters in military aviation history.

These drawings are from official government manuals of the F4U Corsair plane

01 03 1944
01 06 1944
18 06 1943
01 03 1943
01 10 1944

These drawings are from a vintage source like ad or poster of the F4U Corsair plane

Credit to NHHC , General arrangement sketch by R.W. Cunningham, 1971            

Credit to Vought , 50 years of aviation

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