Cockpit Photo

F4U-1 F4U-1C F4U-1D 

F3A-1 F3A-1D

FG-1 FG-1D

Cockpit Front Panel Forward

Cockpit Left hand side - Seat removed

Cockpit Right hand side - Seat removed

Cockpit - Main Instrument Panel

Cockpit - Pilot's Distribution Box

Cockpit - Rocket Station Distribution Box

Cockpit - Radio and Communication Controls

Cockpit - Wing Flap Control

Cockpit - Main Fuel Tank Regulator

Cockpit - Wing Folding Locking Controls - Cooling Flaps Controls and Indicators

Cockpit - Landing Gear and Dive Break Control


Cockpit - Gun Charging Control

Cockpit - Diluter Demand Regulator

Cockpit - Arresting Hook Control

Cockpit - Gun Switch Box

Cockpit - Bomb Switch Box

Credit to US National Archives,  US NAVY, USMC, Vought, NACA, San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives (SDASM), Fleet Air Arm,  IWM (Imperial War Museums), Wikimedia Commons, National Library of New Zealand,Library of Congress.