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Goodyear Corsair  FG

FG-1, FG-1A, FG-1E , FG-1D, FG-1K     





Goodyear was one of the 3 companies charged with large-scale production of the Vought F4U "Corsair" single-seat, carrier-based fighter.


This aircraft integrated the American and British navies during World War 2 and had very good results as both a dogfighter and ground attack aircraft. The corsair returned to combat service during the Korean War (1950-1953) in the close-support role.


The Goodyear corsair aircraft was differentiated by the designation of "FG", The first models had fixed-wing versions of the folding wing F4U-1 variant. These were designated as the "FG-1". other variants became the FG-2 and the radar-carrying "FG-1E" and the drone-minded "FG-1K".

The "FG-4" was a late-war addition , but did not go into production..

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